The Verification Process

DTS Verify is a service that will allow you to rapidly add 2-factor authentication to your Redtail CRM client verification process. Our system integrates directly with Redtail CRM to add a second factor to your verification procedure, after your normal verificaton procedure, just search for the client’s name in the DTS Verify search box and then click the ‘Verify’ button.

Contacts Screen

You will then be prompted to select the phone number on file, for that client, that you want to send the verification code to. After making a selection, click “Verify”. Your client will immediately receive a verification code via text.

Verify Screen
You will see the following dialog.

Verify Code Screen

Your client will receive a text message containing the verificaton code.

Text Screen

If the code matches the one shown on your side then you have completed the 2 factor authentication process.

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