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What is DTS Verify?

DTS Verify is a subscription service that has partnered with Redtail CRM to allow you to rapidly confirm the identity of a client. While on the phone with your client, it can be difficult to confirm his identity by voice or by facts that he knows. Fear not—it can be easier.

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DTS Verify is software that automates the process of sending verification codes to clients. The result is a safer business and relieved clients. The system includes an intuitive interface and one-click send for verification codes. The codes go to a selected number from the CRM database.


Why DTS Verify?

Confirming that you aren’t placing you, your business and your reputation at risk is a vital part of today’s business world. Using DTS Verify, you can corroborate the identity of your clients at top speed.

With increasingly alarming reports of identity theft in the news every day, eliminating security vulnerabilities is a priority. We all need to stay vigilant to protect client information. By utilizing an extra easy two-factor authentication method, our verify technology allows you to confirm the identity of your customers before taking action.

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DTS Verify gives users:

  1. Peace of mind to know that the person you are speaking to is actually the client.
  2. The ability to quickly search contacts and send verification codes through text.
  3. Access to contacts pulled from the Redtail CRM database.
  4. Multiple user support. Easily add and remove employee accounts.
  5. More security at log-in. Two factor authentication is needed to log into your account.
  6. A contract-free service. Month to month billing makes for easy subscribe and cancel.
  7. A seven-day free trial.


Here’s how it works.

When you deem it necessary to confirm a customer’s identity, just search for the client’s name in the DTS Verify search box and then click the ‘verify’ button. Your client will immediately receive a verification code through the desired phone number on file. Each client will then confirm his identity by returning the code to you.

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After you login, just follow these steps:

  1. Search for the client’s name in the DTS Verify search box and then click the ‘Verify’ button.
  2. You will then be prompted to select the phone number that you want to send the verification code to. After making a selection, click “Verify”.
  3. Your client will receive a text message and then confirm his identity by returning the code to you.


How do I get secure?

Just head over to our sign up page with the button below.

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